Thursday april 25 – Wednesday May 1, 2019 (6 nights)

Virañani Metta retreat 2019

Naarden (Internationaal Theosophisch Centrum)

Begeleiding: ven. Virañani, organiser Nynke Humalda

Datum: Thursday april 25 – Wednesday May 1, 2019 (6 nights)
Plaats: Naarden (Internationaal Theosophisch Centrum)
Begeleiding: ven. Virañani, organiser Nynke Humalda

Welcome from 14:00, retreat starts 16:00, ending after lunch about 13:00.

2015 11 05 Zuster Viranani

Venerable Virañani  

Ven. Virañani is a Buddhist nun, born in the USA (Hawaï) now living in Myanmar.
Deeply rooted in Dhamma by practice, study and teaching. She practiced in the Birmese tradition (Mahasi Sayadaw), in the Thai forest tradition and she has been teaching at the Insight Meditation Society in the USA.
There are two retreats back to back, the whole period is from april 25 to may 9, 2019.

The Metta retreat from April 25 – May 1 is the first one.
Love without Barriers: An Introduction to Loving-kindness Meditation
The beautiful spirit of mettā (loving-kindness) is without limit and without barriers. In this retreat Ven. Virañani will offer a simple and direct method to develop and strengthen the heart’s natural capacity to connect with others in kindness. We will explore this spirit of mettā together both in formal practice and in the many ways that the practice can be strengthened in everyday life. This retreat is suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators.

resting day May 1-2, 2019 (1 night)

The second retreat is a Vipassana retreat from May 2 - May 9.
Ven. Virañani is able to help yogi’s make the connection between Metta and Vipassana. This makes it all the more usefull to do both retreats. If that is what you want you will have to register for both retreats.

Registration and Payment:
Sangha Metta retreats are offered free of charge based on dana.
See Sangha Metta's policy on dana.

The basic retreat costs for accomodation and food are € 65,- per night (this retreat:  € 390,-;  6 nights).
There is room for tents. This is € 10,- less per night. 
Combined 2 retreats (14 nights)  910,-

However you are free to pay as much as you like.
Dana for food and accomodation can be payed in advance or on the last day of the retreat.
There will be a pin device for online bank payment.

The Dhamma teachings are offered free of charge, but we encourage participants to show gratitude with a generous donation to the teacher on the last day of the retreat.
The volunteers of Sangha Metta do their work out of generosity as well. There will be a dana basket also for them.
Sangha Metta intends to give everyone a room alone. This is not always possible. If you really need a room alone for a specific reason state so on your registration form.

Information and registration via Sangha Metta.
Download your registration-form: >download>
Mail your form to: 

International Theosophical Center, Naarden
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