Datum: sunday juli 16 - tuesday augustus 8 2017. (23 nights)
Plaats: International Theosofisch Centrum in Naarden (www.itc-naarden.org)
Begeleiding: Shaila Catherine

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This summerretreat starts at 16:00 (welcome from 14:00) and ends at 14:00 after lunch.
The retreat consist of 2 parts:

synday july 16 – thursday july 27, 2017    Anapanasati retreat (11 nights)
Cultivating Concentration through Anapanasati Samadhi
The teachings on this retreat will emphasize the development of concentration using the breath as the primary meditative object. The daily morning instruction session will introduce mindfulness with breathing as a concentration practice and will systematically develop the skills that can lead to the deep absorption states of jhana. Dhamma talks will explore a range of subjects to support the growth of wisdom and insight. This silent retreat is intended for experienced practitioners who have already developed some degree of skill working with hindrances and mindfulness or insight practices. There will be periods of sitting and walking meditation, dhamma teachings, question and answer sessions, and group and individual teacher consultations.

friday july 28 is a day with self-meditation without a central program

saturday 29 juli – tuesday 8 augustus 2017 Vipassana retreat (10 nights)
Awakening with Insight
This silent meditation retreat will emphasize the cultivation of mindfulness of breath, body, and mind to enhance the potential for liberating insight. By cultivating a calm, balanced awareness, we can dissolve any suffering that may entangle our hearts and discover our freedom in the midst of things. This retreat is suitable for both new and experienced practitioners. Shaila will continue to instruct students who choose to continue their concentration practice from the preceding retreat, but she will not repeat the concentration instructions for students who enter retreat after July 16. The focus for this retreat will clearly be mindfulness of body and mind with an inclination toward insight.. 

Pre-requisites include three prior meditation retreats (7 days or more each) and reading Focused and Fearless, by Shaila Catherine.

Participants on the full summer retreat have priority for a single room.
The costs for single and double rooms are equal as Sangha Metta pays the rent per bed and not per room.


€ 57 per night, € 1311 per retreat (23 nights)
In your own tent: € 47 per night, € 1081 per retreat

A dhamma teacher is rewarded by dana (free gift). 

In case of cancelation there are administrative costs. Read more

Info and registration

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