Overview retreats in English in 2018 organised by Sangha Metta

If the location is not explicitly mentioned, the location will be ITC Naarden.

This schedule is for viewing. It can not be used for registering. You can register only if and when the separate retreats are published. They have a registering link. (>>to retreat>>)

Sangha Metta organises Vipassana retreats throughout the year.
There are 5 periods. Each roughly 1 month. In the Dutch schedule you can view all retreats. In thís schedule only the English spoken retreats are mentioned.
You are welcome to the other retreats as well but we can not offer translation into English.

Periode 1      january 11 - february 14, 2018

There are no English spoken retreats in this period.

Periode 2:      april 12 - may 6, 2018

Metta / Vipassana with sr. Viranyani
Tuesday 17 – monday  april 30, 2018 (13 nights)
Guided by: sr. Viranyani
Assistent: Nynke Humalda
For starters and experienced yogi’s


Vesak puja (celebration)
Sunday may 6, 2018
Partly in English
Preparing and registration for taking refuge in the triple gem:
Nynke Humalda

Vipassana retreat with Shaila Catherine
Friday may 4 – monday may 14, 2018 (10 nights)
Guided by: Shaila Catherine
Location: Meditationcenter ‘Bosoord’ in Loenen (near Apeldoorn)
Assistent: Henk van Voorst
More information and registration >>to retreat>>

Period 3:     july 14 - augustus 14, 2018

Vipassana retreat with brother Dassana
Location is not  chosen yet.
Saturday september 8 – saturday september 22, 2018   (14 nights)
Guided by: Brother Dassana
Assistent: Henk van Voorst
For beginning and experienced yogi’s.

Periode 4:   oktober 11 - november 7, 2018

There are no English spoken retreats during this period.

Periode 5:      december 20 2018 - january 2, 2019

There are no English spoken retreats during this period.

Friday May 4 – monday May 14, 2018 (10 nights)

Vipassana retreat with Shaila Catherine 2018

Meditatiecentrum ‘Bosoord’, Loenen, www.bosoord.nl

Begeleiding: Shaila Catherine

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